How to stay motivated to stay fit and hit the gym! (10 ways)

How to stay motivated to stay fit and hit the gym! (10 ways)

New year, same old me. But maybe this time with muscles?

So many people say that this year, they’re going to get fit. This however is not something that many people stick to. This blog post will hopefully help you to make fitness a key part of your life. I’m that super annoying friend that tries to make everyone come with them to the gym, and now i’m going to do it to you. There are workout you can do it at home, apps you can follow and diet plans that can change your life. It’s possible to do it, just commit.

  • Set realistic goals

Don’t set yourself too many unrealistic goals, say that you want to be faster – say a 5k under 30 mins. Or, say that you want to be able to lift 20kg in a months time. Keep it small, and keep it tracked. Get a diary and write down what you have done. You won’t be able to run a 10km in under 45 mins in the first session, nor will you be able to lift as much as the bloke next to you, but dont worry about them, worry about you!

  • Don’t expect too much – one week won’t change your life

You won’t have a six pack the first time you go to the gym, not will you after a week, nor a month. But small changes will help you to see how far you are coming. Consider taking pictures of yourself to see how you’re getting on!img_5272_fotor

  • Don’t eat too much

Yes, you went to the gym. But, this doesn’t mean that you deserve that extra serving of chips. I know its hard, because theres a doughnut and it looks lovely and you TOTALLY SPRINTED FOR AGES SO YOU SHOULD EAT IT. But, maybe not. Don’t ruin all your hard work by thinking you should necessarily be eating more. This conveniently leads me on to my next bit of advice.

  • Get to grip with some APPS

Apps that can help you are a God send. Consider looking into apps that track your food, and even going as far as weighing you food to check how much of it you’re eating. Serving sizes on boxes aren’t necessarily as large as you might expect. If you really want to see change you need to be aware that its 70% diet and 30% exercise and to really see change you need to make sure you’re not putting more into your body than you’re burning!

I would also suggest looking into apps that have workout on them. Sweat with Kayla gives you a great guide, of 14 min exercise that burn lots. Nike running club can track your run and your pace. Even the activity monitor on iPhones will let you know how many steps you’re doing.



  • Get the right kit

This is absolutely key. So many people say, ‘oh well I was going to run but I have bad knees’. This is probably because you’re wearing shite trainers. Trainers are everything when you’re exercising, consider some padded running trainers, some weightlifting  ones and special cycling ones. Its expensive to buy, but cheaper that physic and absolutely better than firing up!  You will be surprised how much a new top, new legging or new headphones can motivate you!


  • Eat a healthy breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day. I know its really easy to miss but please don’t. Whatever you do DO NOT eat anything processed for breakfast. Please don’t fry it and please don’t eat anything high fat. In terms of your overall diet you really shouldn’t eat anything processed carbohydrate for breakfast, consider eggs and spinach or bircher muesli with high protein yoghurt. Healthy breakfasts such as banana and peanut butter smoothie, microwaved scrambled eggs or go full The Rock and have poached cod (although this is a push!)


  • Learn the difference between fit and skinny – the scales don’t tell the whole truth

Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they’re fit. Actually, its usually the exact opposite. Also, remember that you’re going to lose a lot of fat, but gain a lot of muscle, which means your weight won’t change straight away. Don’t get too downhearted by it, I promise it doesn’t mean you’re failing.

  • Mix it up – cardio then weights then resistance

THE GYM IS BORING. You know it, I know it. I know that the thought of a 50 minute run on a treadmill is the most dull thing, maybe ever. So, mix it up. Say if you’re going 3 times a week, do one day of cardio (bike and treadmill), one day of legs (squats and abductors) and one day of abs and arms. Don’t be afraid of doing HIIT workouts. The high intensity of them makes them burn more fat and take half the time. HIIT can also be done at home, so its a win win.


  • Eat healthy snacks, and bigger meals

Don’t snack. If you’re going to make sure its something thats actually good for you, put down the crisps and pick up the carrot sticks. Another key mistake is the snack on fruit, it know that it seems healthy, but the sugar in it can be counter productive. Consider peanut butter on rice cakes or celery and hummus.


  • Start slow

Start at your own pace. Start it slow. Don’t look at other because  they’re not looking at you. The worst thing you can do it try and go hard and hurt yourself. Start at a reasonable pace for you and then work your way up

  • Repetition becomes habit – remember that the more you do it, the better it gets

Going to the gym takes persistence. Doing exercise takes commitment. This doesn’t necessarily come easily. The more you work out the more that it will become a habit for you, and something that you want to do. Goals help, but so does reputation. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it and then increasingly it will become a part of your life. Don’t say that you ‘don’t have time for the gym’ instead say ‘keeping my heart, and body healthy is not a priority for me’ and then see if you want to go.

Keep at it and let me know how you do!

Good luck

Alice xoxo


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