5 Ingredient Protein Balls

5 Ingredient Protein Balls

This post is a bit of a follow up to my Energy Bar post (click here). This is due to the easy and accessible ingredients in this recipe. The amount of protein ball recipes I have attempted but am stuck when its wants raw help powder or coconut oil is ridiculous. So here they are, my 5 ingredient protein ball in under 5 minutes.


What you’re going to need –

  1. Peanut butter – 80g
  2. Protein Powder (I went for chocolate because I love it, but anyone will be fab) – 2 tablespoons
  3. Honey. Just your usual stuff none of the Manuka or anything fancy like that. – 1 tablespoon
  4. Dates. Again, the better dates you get the more sticky they will be, but just whatever you have. – 100g
  5. Nuts. I went for cashew but any that you like. 30g.

What to do

  • Place the dates into a blende and blitz till theyre all sticky.
  • Then add the honey and peanut butter.
  • Pour in the nuts and protein powder and blitz again.
  • Wet your hands slightly and roll into balls
  • Place the balls on a lined tray and into the freezer for an hour or so
  • Enjoy!




I hope that these little balls become a supplement in your healthy lifestyle. I really hope that you can make them without breaking the bank or a trip to the supermarket!

Let me know how they go!

Alice xo

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