Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin Saviours

Welcome to January, the coldest month of the year!

As an acne sufferer and oily skin kinda gal the cold weather never used to bother me, if anything if made my face less like a reflective strip. However, this year things have taken a turn. In am unheard of turn of events Ive got dry skin, and now I’m on a mission to conquer dry skin forever (or at least till next winter). So here they are, my top products to save your skin this winter!


Caudalie Vine Body Butter 

This body butter is fabulous, not only does it smell really great but it moisturises legs like never before! Its a fairly thick cream, and you don’t need much of it for each leg, and the effects of it are long lasting. My only complaint would be that it is perfumed, so if you have particularly sensitive skin this might not be for you. 

Buy it here – £21


Clarins HydraQuench lotion 

So, I went to the clarions counter in John Lewis (amazing customer service, great work) and they recommended that I try this HydraQuench lotion. I am SO glad that they did. Despite the offputting price tag this moisturiser is fantastic. My skin drank it up, and it left my skin super duper soft! 10/10 

Buy it here – £35


Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser 

Another amazing moisturiser, this time from my favourite brand. This was one I got in a gift box for Christmas, and its equally as fabulous as the Clarins one, although with a stronger scent. 

Buy it here – £39


Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 

Now, this is another cult product that I bleat on and on about, but its worth it. I use this to make sure that I have a super smooth soft skin before I moisturise. The soft exfoliant of the muslin cloth and the essential oils in the cleanser mean you’re left with beautiful skin! 

Buy it here – £14


Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic 

This cleanser gets a mention as a co conspirator to the Cleanse and Polish. Although it doesn’t help dry skin, it does help to keep the smoothness you achieve from the cleanse and polish and it does brighten any dry skin. A great addition in my eyes, and so easy to use. 

Buy it here – £14.50


Lush Buttered Brazils

I dont like Vaseline (SHOCK HORROR). 

This lush lip balm is 100x more moisturising, smells amazing, lasts longer, works better and tastes great. Lush is known for their all natural products, and I love to know that something I’m putting on my lips isn’t full of nasty chemicals. 

Buy it here – £6.75


Lush Oatifix Face Mask 

This is my new holy grail. I cannot get enough. I wish I could stress to you just how amazing this is! So, this facemask smells a lot like banana (fine by me) and its kinda clumpy (again, dat cool) but, when you apply it to your face it TRANSFORMS your skin.I leave it for as long as I can bear it, and when I wash it off my skin is so smooth, moisturised, soft and rejuvenated. If you buy anything buy this!

But it here–  £6.95


Simple Rich Moisturiser

On the cheaper end of the spectrum I would totally recommend this moisturise by Simple. A cheap, easy to apply and barely scented lotion that really helps recover any dry skin. For the price it can’t be beaten!

Buy it here – £2.79




Thanks for checking out my top picks, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Let me know you winter skin saviours!

Alice xo

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