5 Ways to become a runner

5 Ways to become a runner

Running is something I love. Ask anyone who knows me. I think it’s great.

The advantages of running are so numerous I couldn’t possibly name them all in this post. I find running to be the anwer to a lot of my questions. If I’ve had a heavy weekend of boozing or eating it instantly makes me feel better. I ran off most of my dissertation stress and I now run off a lot of my frustration instead of wallowing in it. It also gets you out of the house, blows away the cobwebs and gets your heart beating (as well as burning calories) so whats’s not to love.

I know that many of my friends and family have a real issue with getting started with running, and here are my top 5 tips for getting over those initial hurdles.

1. Get some running buddies

Never underestimate how wonderful it can be to go running with someone else, especially when you’re just starting out. Motivate each other, get each other to get out of the house and into a stride. You don’t have to go fast, no one is asking you to go fast. But the action of doing it already makes the next time more bearable.

2.  Go digital 

There is SO much tech on the market for running, honestly its ridiculous.

So get involved in that, get a fit bit and track how many steps you’re doing or use my personal favourite app, Nike Running Club and see how well you’re doing.  The best bit about it is that it’s free to use and it tells you how far you have run and what speed you have done it at.


3. Get a good playlist 

This gets overlooked so much and I would argue that it’s one of the most important ways of getting yourself started. Get a good playlist with some good upbeat songs that get you going in it. Get yourself into the rhythm of your run. Don’t forget to update this playlist every so often, songs that used to make you hyped may have lost their edge, find new ones and keep yourself motivated.

My songs at the moment include:

Kanye West – Stronger

Dua Lipa – Blow Your Mind (mwah)

Glass Animals – Life itself

4. Get the right equipment 

Dont injure yourself. Don’t do things by half. Don’t make this pointless by doing things badly. You need to get yourself the right stuff to get the best results. The only thing that is worth paying lots for is good trainers. The wrong trainers can ruin your feet, legs, bum, back and neck. Be wary of buying cheap and nasty trainers because the money you spend fixing the problem outweigh the initial cost.


(this is the taping I had after I tried new trainers out that weren’t fitted to my feet, don’t do it kids)

It is also worth investing in some good headphones. Running ones can be expensive but I recommend these JVC ones

The next thing to get is some proper running clothing, I wear almost exclusively nike but exceptions to the nike rule are H&M and Primark sports kit which are also top notch. My other tip is to never buy anything full price, go to sports direct and go online and get yourself some deals.

5. Find somewhere you want to run and set yourself some realistic goals

You are not Paula Radcliffe. You may apsire to be, but you are not. Do not think you can run a 5k without stopping the first time you do it. Give yourself some realistic goals of how fast you want to run (say 1k in 5mins or 5k in 30) and work from there. Or sign up for a race, get a goal that is tangible, I dare you.

Also find yourself somewhere you like to run, personally road running doesn’t do it for me, I don’t like the idea of people being able to see me. So I found that running in park and up hills is the best. Find one place, and stick at it.


(me at the top of box hill, nearly dead)

Hope you have a great first run,

Alice xo.

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