My Favourite Summer Shirt

My Favourite Summer Shirt

When I bought this summer shirt from H&M I was convinced summer was here… now I’m not so sure though.


However, when I think about about summer I love to think that I will eventually get to wear this shirt without freezing myself shitless.

I love this shirt tucked into these MOM jeans from Topshop, but as it warms up I can totally see myself throwing it over a bikini on the beach, or pairing it with some black shorts for a holiday look!

Check out the shirt here  ( I wear a size 6, and this does come up large so I would recommend going for a smaller size if you can)

Check out the jeans here

Who says that shirts are just for boys?

Paired with some white Supergas and Raybans, I think I’ve got this summer nailed.

Let me know what you think of the outfit down below.

Happy Weekend everyone

Alice xo 



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