How to make: the perfect scones

How to make: the perfect scones

If you’re British, and you don’t love scones there is something wrong with you (probably, no offence).

I’m not going to get caught up in the different ways you should top your scone (cream then jam or jam then cream) because frankly its up to you how you want to do it and I don’t want to be responsible for WW3. But I will share with you my Grannies recipe for making what I think might be the best scones ever.

Not much goes into a good scone, what you’re going to need is:

– Mixing Bowl
– Sieve 
– Round Bladed Knife
– Baking Sheet
– Pastry Cutter
– Kitchen Scales
– Measuring Jug 
– Cooling Rack 

Ingredients –

– 300g of Self Raising Flour
– 75g of Butter
– 50g of Caster Sugar
– 150ml of Milk (or as much is necessary) 

Method – 

1) Pre heat the over to 200ºc

2) Sift the flour into your mixing bowl 

3) Cut the cold butter into small squares, and add to your flour

4) Mix the butter into the flour, making sure to lift it as you go to add as much air as possible to the mixture using your fingertips. Keep going until your mixture resembles breadcrumbs

5) Stir in your sugar

6) Pour in your milk, making sure you add it slowly as you won’t need all of it! Mix through using a knife, and keep mixing till you reach a soft dough consistency. 


Step by Step


7) Flour your work surface, and tip your mixture onto it 

8) Kneed your dough into a smooth ball, and then roll it into a 1.5inch piece. (keep this thick, thank me later)



9) Cut out your scone shapes and re roll your scraps and make more scones!
10) Place your scones onto a lines baking sheet, and place in the over for 10-12 minutes.

11) Take out the oven when they are golden, and sound hollow when you tap the bottom



Personally, I recommend eating these as soon as is possible, wait for them to cool for a little bit and then smother them with butter or jam of whatever you want (peanut butter and Nutella are also great, if a tad unconventional).

Hope you enjoy stuffing your face!

Alice xo.

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