Liz Earle Loving

Liz Earle Loving

Liz Earle is one of those beauty brands that has proven itself as one of the most reliable on the UK highstreet right now. I was first introduced to the brand by bloggers Sprinkleofglitter and Zoella, and their prolific use of the cult ‘Hot cloth cleanser’ and since then, I have found myself again and again turning back to this brand and falling in love with every product I buy –

The Botanical Shine shampoo

This is an amazing shampoo. For me, this stuff is well worth the price tag. It leaves my hair feeling shiny, healthy and strong (considering I have obliterated it with multiple bleach jobs I appreciate this more than most). This shampoo also smells amazing, doesn’t contain any nasties AND it works on all hair types! The accompanying conditioner is also equally fab and doesn’t leave you with heavy hair. The only real downside to this product that I can see is that if you need to deep clean your hair, for example to get out paint or the like, this shampoo is sometimes a bit too gentle for heavy duty washing.


Buy it here – £10

The Signature foundation

Buy this, thank me later.

In my extensive experience of trying to find a foundation that will 1) not leave me looking as shiny as a glitterball. 2) not react to my sensitive skin (looking at you Rimmel). 3) not be far to orange for my pale skin or 4) leave me a flawless finish. I have thus far failed. Few foundations on the market fit any of these necessities let alone all 4, however, this foundation is a very good contender. Apart from an excessive bit of shine (more my fault than the foundations, I should wear primer more often) the Signature Foundation is a winner. Special commendation had to be paid to the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, another perfect summer product, just a tad less coverage. Compared to other foundations in this one’s price range, of which there are many, this one absolutely comes out on top!


Buy it here – £21

The Healthy Glow Cream Blush

These crème blushes are a really lovely consistency, which glides onto your foundation without smudging it. This blush also doesn’t clump on your cheeks or leave you with patchy marks, and the colour Nude 03 is the perfect rosy glow on pale skin.


Buy it here – £16.50

The Eye pencil

Eyeliner and me are not friends, we’re barely acquaintances! It smudges, I rub my eyes, I look like a panda, I throw it out. It’s a vicious circle. This eyeline isn’t perfect, I’m still waiting on the dream pencil, but it does a bloody good job and for that I am eternally grateful. The problem for me is that I find that eyeliners don’t transfer onto my waterline well, I spend a good amount of time scraping away until I’m crying anyway. However, the colour pay off from this one is amazing, one slick of it under each eye gives a strong black line that stays for a long time. For the price, go here not M.A.C.


Buy it here – £11

Botanical Essence No.100 Eau de Parfum

I love floral perfumes, give me a Jo Malone or a Marc Jacobs Daisy any day! This perfume is the perfect blend of floral without any of the sickly-sweet undertones you normally find! Special congratulations also must be made to whoever designed the bottle, lid, and box that this comes it. The aesthetically pleasing exterior combines with the functional magnetic box and the east to use lid are all sublime. I’ve never wanted to use a bottle more!


Buy it here– £49

And whilst were on the topic, the Christmas gifts that Liz Earle have brought out this year are ridiculously cute, I want all of them! Personal favourites are:

The Cleanse and Polish Experience  – The perfect way to try out the cult item, and a super cute gift from anyone that already loves it!

Buy Liz Earle The Cleanse & Polish™ Experience 100ml Skincare Gift Set Online at

Buy it here – £15.50

Botanical Beauty Icons Skincare Gift Set – This contains:

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 2 Pure Muslin Cloths, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Eyebrigh Soothing Eye Lotion, Superskin Eye Cream and the Superskin Moisturiser with Natural.

Seriously, who doesn’t want this?!

Buy Liz Earle Botanical Beauty Icons Skincare Gift Set Online at

Buy it here – £59


Girls, put this on your Christmas list. Guys, you know what to do!

Alice xo

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