In the Pink: Pink beauty items you need now!

In the Pink: Pink beauty items you need now!

This week is a week that I find myself fiercely defending myself as a woman.

I think too often women are told that their femininity is a bad thing. Acting ‘like a girl’ is somehow still an insult. Liking so called ‘girly things’, promoting your femininity and wanting to exhibit this in this world is repeatedly frowned upon.

In this post I’m outlining my favourite pink products because I like pink. If you think me liking pink makes me any less able to lead, to lift, or to strive for excellence then you are surely mistaken.

Rant over, on to the products:


Clinique Chubby Sticks

Oh my GOSH Chubby Sticks STOP IT.

Chubby sticks burst onto the scene a long time ago, I remember buying them for my older cousin aaaaagggess ago. But, these lovely little products have stood the test of time.

These have amazing colour pay off, wonderful texture and a smooth finish and how lovely is this pink! I can’t think of any product that I love as much as these, Ive had approximately 1 million of these. The easy application is just the best, especially if you’re on the go!

p1040808_fotorBuy them here  – £17.50

Benefit Bene-tint

Benefit is one of my favourite brands ever. This bene-tint is no exception. Apologies for this one lacking the writing, I think this packet has been used to death.

But, such a versatile product shouldn’t be overlooked. This is the perfect blush colour and stains your lips so effectively. Another big plus is that its easy to apply and doesn’t need to steady a hand and DOESN’T SMUDGE!!!


Buy it here  – £24.50

Lush Lip Gloss

Lush is one of those brands you just have to trust that they know what they’re doing! And this lip gloss is no different.

Unfotunatlety this one isn’t being sold anymore, but lots of similar ones exist here.

The ethical practices of Lush also make this product doubly as attractive.


Check out similar products here – from £5.95

Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara

This mascara isn’t pink, don’t worry!

I wouldn’t do that, I mean that probably does exist, just not my jam.

But, this mascara is the BOMB and I needed to tell you about it. Look at that wand *insert heart eyes emoji*.

This mascara is my best friend because it makes my blonde eyelashes every day. Now I just need one thats this good for my eyebrows.


Buy it here – £7.99

NYX Blush

I know that blusher is not a cult product unless its a NARS orgasm. But, special commendations have to be made to these ones by NYX.

This pink blush gives you a wonderful flushed glow, and it makes your skin totally light up. If you’re pale like me this is a win win, especially as the weather turns and the bronzed look is done for another year!


Buy it here – £5.50

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub

Personally, I don’t like people telling me what skin products to use. My skin is the worst, its super dry in places, its super oily in others. It’s spotting and bumpy and then its red and sore and basically I want Kendall Jenners skin (pleaaaaaaase).

So, this scrub gets my pass because its effective enough to exfoliate away any dry skin without leaving me all red and blotchy. WINNER. Also it’s pretty cheap. DOUBLE WIN.


Buy it here – £4.79

Molton Brown Body Wash

Molton Brown makes some of the most amazing smelling bath and body products on the market right now. This pink pepperpod is my absolute favourite, and you need so little of it to make your whole bathroom smell amazing and make you smell so good all day long.

This is also a wonderful Christmas present 😉


Buy it here – £20.00

Kiko Glow Touch

This versatile Glow Touch blush and Lip product by Kiko is such a wonderful colour.

This product is the similar benetint, if a tad cheaper.

Its easy to apply and blend, its not sticky or greasy and it makes you look so healthy and glowing (literally does what it says on the tin)


Buy it here – £2.00 (I kid you not its 2 bloody pounds).


Never forget that your felinity is not a factor that should be held against you. Embrace the pink, do what you love and wear what you want.

I hope these products make you feel like a nasty woman (still love ya Hilary)

Alice xox

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