Perfect Perfumes for her this Christmas

Perfect Perfumes for her this Christmas

Perfume is a present that works for anyone, that is the beauty of it. Smelling nice is not something only a handful of people like, its a universal desire. For that reason, the gift of a beautiful bottle is up there (for me at least) as the ultimate Christmas present!

Perfume is one of those things that you never buy yourself, its a extravagance that is almost exclusively bought for you. It is therefore my mission to help you buy the perfect perfume for the lady in your life, so that every time she wear it it reminds her of you!

Lets get started!


Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquet

This perfume is so light and soft, with a fresh scent. Unlike many others, this perfume is perfect for younger ladies, who still want to epitomise the elegance of Dior. The beautiful packaging and bottle further enhance the feeling of extravagance. This perfume is a perfect day time scent and spot on for the under 20s.

Shop it here – £50.85


Michael Kors – Coral 

To be honest, when I think of Michael Kors, I think of Selena bags. I got mine in 2014 and I am still deeply in love with it. So, when I was bought a perfume I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was just as beautiful as the bags are! From the name, you can probably deduce that this perfume has a beachy and tropical side to it. I would highly recommend as something a bit different! p. s How much do you love the orange bottle, great job Mike! 

Buy it here – £62-84 


Chanel – No 5 

Is it Christmas unless Chanel is being mentioned? This perfume is iconic, in a way that probably no other scent will ever compare! No 5 is a heavy scent, you need barely any of it to make a lasting impact! 

If you want to splash out, this perfume is the one! 

Buy the Perfum here – £96- 230

Buy the L’Eau Spray here – £68 


Liz Earle – No 100

This isn’t the first, and it probably won’t be the last time that I say how much I love this perfume. Liz Earle is the master of light and breezy scents that can take you from day to night! This perfume is wonderfully light but stays with you all day! 

On the cheaper end of the luxury scale, this perfume is great little present.

Buy it here – £49


Balenciaga – Florabotanica  

From the name of this one it should probably be apparent that it is going to be a floral perfume. However, this is unlike any other that I have smelt. Unlike others, this perfume is floral but not light. Inspired by a garden of beautiful and poisonous flowers, the depth of this scent is evident. 

For something a bit different, this perfume is a winner! 

Buy it here – £56p1050031_fotor_fotor

Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir 

This perfume stays with you all day, literally. Once this is on you, it isn’t coming off for a good 24 hours. Which, in my opinion is amazing! Jo Malone does sometimes become more associate with the older ladies, with it being a popular choice with my 50 year old Mum and her friends I would say that this is a pretty well founded statement. However, most of the Jo Malone perfumes are perfect for any age. With its strong and distinct scent, this one is my favourite! 

Buy it here – £43




So there it is, the best perfumes I think you should be buying in 2016. Let me know if you’re going to be putting any of these on your list this year!

Alice xo

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